Paul teaching in Malérargues 2004

This is Clara and me performing in 'Marguerite and Faust' our first production after Roy's death. It had two versions, one in English and the other in French.

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Born in 1938, in London, I trained as an actor and worked in repertory theatre in the English provinces and in London's West End theatre land. Aged 25, I met Roy Hart, who was to have a profound effect on the course of my life. Over the next five years, I removed myself from the professional stage, in order to give myself over entirely to Roy Hart's voice work. I became a close friend and collaborator of both Roy Hart and his wife, Dorothy. For the last twelve years of their lives I lived, loved and studied with them vertually on a daily bases, which accounts for why I was with them in their car on the last day of their lives. I have taken on the task of being the achivist of their lifes work on this web-site because I probabley have more knowledge of who they were and what they were doing in the world of vocal research than anyone else on this planet. I appeared in all the performances that were directed by Roy Hart from 1963 until 1975. In that same year, whilst on the tour of `L'Economiste', I was the only survivor of the car that crashed outside Nice, killing Roy, Dorothy and Vivienne Young, another actress.

From 1980, with Clara, my wife, we founded a centre of Roy Hart Voice Work in Geneva, which we ran for many years, creating several of our own performances, as well as, student productions. On returning full time to the Roy Hart Centre in the Cevennes, France, I have specialised in researching into the extensive library of recordings left to the theatre after Roy Hart's death. From these, I have managed to create some very important digital compact discs, demonstrating the origins of the work of Roy Hart and his teacher, Alfred Wolfsohn. Details of these discs can be found on this site. To honour the 25th anniversary of Roy's and Dorothy's deaths, Clara and I wrote a book, with a CD, called "A Celebration of Life"; both in English and in French. The English version has long since sold out, since then there have been many requests for this book which we were unable to meet; There is now a second edition of the book and it's CD audio in the form of an e-book. If you are interested in having a copy of it, click here.

To this day I still give workshops at Roy Hart's Centre for the human voice at in France, where we live. I am especially interested in individual classes where I can follow the specific needs and wishes of the pupil. Officially I am an actor, singer and voice teacher but sometimes, I would rather think of myself as a "resuscitator of dreams" or as "an opener of forgotten doors."

More recently I have been giving a series of concerts in Europe called "Informally yours....". My last one I sang here in Malérargues, The World Centre of the Roy Hart Voice Work, where it was recorded for you all

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