Track 1. - 1st Movement -...Solitude

Track 2. - 2nd Movement - Contemplation

Track 3. - 3rd Movement - .Union



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Roy Hart sings the world premier of
“Description of an Inner Experience”
composed for him by Meinhart Rudenauer


(The piece is sung with Roy Hart's vocal sounds only, there is no language.)

Performed on Monday 20th January 1972 at the ORF Hall in Salzurger Nachrichten
(Austrian Broadcasting Station)

Written in three Movements -









"The "Description of an Inner Experience" by Meinhard Rudenauer places a human voice in contrast to five instruments [clarinet, tenor trombone, viola, cello and piano]. In the course of the three movements the instruments adopt more and more a 'vocal character', until finally a complete blending of instrumental and vocal sound results. In doing so, the human voice [baritone solo] is exposed to an extraordinary test of endurance making hitherto unknown demands on the bravura of the soloist, which Roy Hart, an English singer, dedicatedly and un-egotistically accomplished. The possibilities of expression and the extension of this realm of expressive potentialites which Roy Hart's voice conveys, compels admiration in its variety and range.....

Ruediger Engweth


This disc has been able to be brought to you thanks to the recent generous donation to the RHT Archives by Noah Pikes. He was an early archivist of the RHT. This recording was re-found by him amongst his personal archives. Paul Silber and Robert Faust have re-worked the sound quality to bring it up to present day standards




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