The story behind Kaya Anderson's photo

Roy had rented a house by the sea at Pagham near Bognor Regis in early 1958. Alfred Wolfsohn, whom we called 'Awe', was needing a holiday from having worked each day untill late at night, often, with his pupils. He was not at all well at this time for his experiences in the two World Wars and in Hitler's Germany had damaged his health.

Before this photo was taken, we had walked with Awe along the earth path to the sea. On the way we had stopped to rest in a little wood. There Awe had coughed, suddenly there was a trace of bright red blood. It was a great shock to Roy and I. We knew and he knew then that he was nearing the end of his life.

When we reached the beach, I took several photos. This photograph shows Awe singing with Roy, who is singing a very high peep sound. In the background the line of the horizon that links their foreheads is, for me, a symbol of the energy that flowed between them.

The awning that is fixed to Awe's deckchair, was to shade him from the sun. It used to constantly flop down, covering Awe's face. He, humourously, left it hanging there, concealing him. The scene was touchingly funny and we enjoyed Awe's clowning.

Awe was acutely aware of the tones in the voice, the sounds, the gestures and the looks of those around him. He had a really amazing capacity to draw out the serious and the hilarious aspects of life and to bring them into a truly enriching journey of the soul. We had all the joy and honour of receiving his masterly teaching, whether in a singing lesson, or in a conversation, or even in silence.

Awe's concepts and practices in developping a human being's capacity to express his soul in singing and in speech, in music, in progressing towards an evolutionary movement in each individual, in the quest to unite all the forces of mind, body, voice and heart have, and continue to have, a strong influence on all vocal expression throughout the world.

Kaya Anderson, Malérargues 4th Janurary 2002.

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