Those of you familiar with Malérargues will know where this is! But you won't all know that our new Archives room is now being built on the left hand side of the ground floor.

It used to be the tool shed for the Chateau! Now it's on its way to being a library and multimedia research centre for students of Roy Hart Theatre.

The transformation began by Jay, Paul, Clara and others moving six trailer loads of junk out and transferring worthwhile material to another site.


And here are the first steps in the new space.

On the left, Angelo creates a ventilation space between the old stone wall and the terrace to keep out the damp and on the right, he and Jimmy begin to build an insulating wall to keep out the dust.

Here is the wall in progress - and on the right, a view in the other direction showing the entrance door from the courtyard at the back of the Château into the New Archives Room.


Here are the latest images to come out of the building site, they are dated 15/02/08.


Here is the where the Archives are kept at the moment! Chaos! A far too small room which is just about sufficient for some"storage" purposes and not accessible for students.

A new home for the Roy Hart Theatre Archives (February 2008)
27/02/08 and it's becoming seriously like an archives room.
21/03/08 Jimmy and Angelo lay the flooring and we await the electrician.
31/03/08 Angelo installing the door.
3/04/08 Clara behind the unglazed door and Paul installing the first of the light fittings.
10/05/08 Painting, the first coat is on the walls and the door is varnished!
15/05/08 Last coat of paint going on.
12/06/08 A big step nearer to completion, the furniture arrives. IKEA finds us!
Some Scandanavian help from Inki















































































































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