Extract of a letter by Roy Hart



If you have a problem reading Roy's writing (not easy) here is what he has written here:-

"Hour Be Loved The At Re:

Artists have known from time immemorial what Einstein needed to prove scientifically: that matter is the congealed vibration of SOUL. We as ZINGERS employ the only substances that break the SPELL hidden within the wood? the stone? the note? the BODY!! that is HEAT. to allow this matter to reveal its TRUE SHAPE I therefore WARM you; and am warmed by you...."

Roy did a lot of reading during the course of his life and was often very lifefully inspired by what he read. I could well imagine that this piece of writing was likewise inspired by something he was reading at the time. Nevertheless the statement makes a lot of sense in relation to Roy's general thinking about the voice.

The people who made up the theatre, like all people all over the world, needed to be loved, notably by Roy!

The voice was the means by which the soul could be vibrated into life.

The origin of 'zingers' was that one of the members of the theatre made a spelling error, but Roy liked it because to use the word 'singers' is, in fact, slightly misleading. Singing for Roy was not a matter of song singing, singing, was for Roy, a code word for life itself.

'Substances' being, of course, the voice, hence the use of the word 'note' and very importantly 'BODY', since the body is the place where 'HEAT' can be found; 'heat' is a reference to passion. So, by the passion generated by the voice the soul is enabled to emerge in its 'TRUE SHAPE'.

I think the end of the letter you can work out for yourself!



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