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”.... I first meet Alfred Wolfsohn on the 5th of June 1947, I was 21. I had just completed my first year at “The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art”. I knew immediately, at that first meeting, that he was the man that had the ability to bring out the very best in me. He was indubitably the finest thing that had yet happened to me in my life. That was the beginning of the 13 years that I worked on my voice with him before he died in 1962. By then I had become his leading student and it was quite clear that it was I that would be the one taking on the leadership of the work if anyone were going to. I realized that it would be a difficult job since it would involve my having to take on a very deep psychic relationship to all of his students. After some hesitation I decided I would take the challenge.... As an actor it was inevitable that I would need to take the work into the field of theatre. Slowly, very slowly, the work grew, new students came into the work that were more orientated towards theatre and we began to work the extended range of the voice into more and more theatrical texts. In the last twelve years we have now come to the point where our only competitor is "The Living Theatre”, and they are way behind us!...."

Roy Hart, Sion, Switzerland 1975

























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