The big camion that hit us
Waits also
Its long trailer full of chickens
Cooped up for extra hours in appalling conditions
Clucking and laying eggs
And shitting with fear
Petits points suspendus
Time awaits in suspension.
Je t'aime
Il fait beau
I turn
To learn
My German
And this is what I find to hand
"Mir dreht sich das Rads
im ratlosen Wirbel
Ich bin getroffen
vom kraftlosen Schlag.
Andere ich mich?
Ende ich mich?
Enge ich mich ein?

The answer is "no"
And all that ensues
Ich bin frei.

I am not with you after all
I am more than ever

The above text is an extract from "A Celebration of Life" by Paul & Clara Silber

Life's unexpectedness strikes me
And I find my reaction is
To discover a great inner stillness
A firm self-value
A firm self-knowledge.
Here I sit in the police station.
Gradually sensing new areas of irritation
Between clothes and skin
I fish around down my back
And find another and another cube of glass
Remains of our smashed windscreen
Paul was taken away in the ambulance
Two long hours ago
It is exactly the three o'clock in the afternoon
And I feel SO
So this is my day with Paul
Who could have known?
And who could say now
Tut, tut, what dark things does this mean?
And I feel only a strong sense
Of value
A knowledge that I have lost nothing
As I stare at the mangled body of little blue Lykkie
And gained a deeper respect
For where I am going
And for Paul who is going there with me
And for Roy
Who has had no accident along the way
Because his psyche is ahead
But who will wait for us?
Because our lives together are all rounded by
A serious love

Dear Paul, May the Lord bless you, May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen.


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