Dorothy Hart and her fellow women soloists


Introduction to the disc

In this disc, we want to present the early influences of the researches of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart on women’s voices. Why just the women? Maybe because the men, especially in the voice of Roy Hart have quite justifiably dominated these Archival discs. Maybe also because we are aware of the fact that many more women attend our workshops than men. Women are especially drawn to the work.
We therefore want to give some idea of the early journey’s of some of the women within the Theatre, not just in terms of their artistic potential but also to illustrate something of the teaching and philosophy behind the work.

Clara Silber Harris Malerargues 2007





















Track 1
Dorothy Hart
‘Autumn Leaves’
Track 2
Track 3
Dorothy Hart
‘David of the White Rock’
Track 4
Dorothy Hart
Track 5
Dorothy Hart
‘Biological Shake’ composition Dorothy Hart
Track 6
Dorothy Hart
Mouse Story
Track 7
Dorothy Hart
‘The Straddled Broomstick Rides’
Track 8
Dorothy Hart
‘I Love my Body’ live performance improvisation
Track 9
Dorothy Hart
‘Flora’ from "L'Economiste" live performance
Track 10
Dorothy Hart
‘Beauty and the Beast.’ live performance
Track 11
Marita Gunther
Track 12
Marita Gunther
Track 13
Marita Gunther
‘Barbara Song’
Track 14
Jenny Johnson
Track 15
Jill Johnson
Track 16
Kaya Anderson
Track 17
Jennifer Allen
‘Strange Fruit’
Track 18
‘Antigone’ live performance
Track 19
Vivienne Young
‘Mama Mama’ live performance












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