"And", Madrid, May 1971


A calendar of performances of ROY HART

and ROY HART THEATRE : 1956 - 1974


Roy Hart: The 4- 6 octave voice demonstrated at LAMDA and later in Birmingham. Two T.S. Eliot poems recited,

and all parts of the 'Magic Flute' demonstrated as possible for one singer to encompass.


A record released by Folkways Records, New York. ' Vox Humana': Alfred Wolfsohn and pupils.


Lecture at Jung Institute, London by Roy Hart


Lecture at International Congress for Psychotherapy in London by Roy Hart.


Lecture at 7th International Congress for Psychotherapy, Wiesbaden by Roy Hart.
A film The Theatre of Beingwas also shown of the group (now called ‘Roy Hart Theatre') (30 min. documentary)


Lecture and vocal demonstration at 5rd International Congress of Psychodrama at Vienna by Roy Hart


World Premier of 'Versuch uber Schweine' composed for Roy Hart's voice by Hans Werner Henze, “Queen Elizabeth Hall” London.

April 22
World Premier of 'Eight Songs for a Mad King', composed for Hart's voice by Peter Maxwell Davies, ‘Queen Elizabeth Hall’ London.

April 24 - 27
ROY HART THEATRE presented 'The Bacchae' at the World Festival of Theatre, Nancy, France.

'Eight Songs for a Mad King' performed at York Festival.

World Premier of Karl Heinz Stockhausen's 'Spirale' (vocal version, specially adapted to include the voice of Roy Hart), Fondation Maeght, St. Paul de Vence, France.

Roy Hart performed in Stockhausen's 'Aus den Sieben Tagen' at the Beethovenhalle, Darmstadt, Germany.

Roy Hart performed 'Eight Songs for a Mad King' in Hamburg. This concert was televised by Nord Deutsche Rundfunk and recorded by Deutsche Grammophon. 'Eight Songs for a Mad King' performed in XXth Century Museum Vienna as part of British week.

Roy Hart Theatre were invited to perform at ‘The Place’, the London Contemporary Dance Group Centre.

'Eight Songs for a Mad King' repeat performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall - London.

Roy Hart Theatre performed "Language is dead, long live the voice" following on from rehearsal work on the Bacchae, nightly for one week at ‘The Roundhouse’.


'Eight Songs for a Mad King’ for B.B.C. Radio Invitation Concert.
'Eight Song's for a Mad King'. Performed by Roy Hart at Music Festival at Royan, France'.
'Eight Songs for a Mad King' performed at Teatro Olimpico, Rome.
May 18
'Eight Songs for a Mad King' performed in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
May 19
Lecture and vocal demonstration by Roy Hart at Psychiatric Institute of Charles University, Prague.
May 24
Lectures and vocal demonstrations and workshops for five days at the CUIFRED (Drama Dept.) Nancy, France (on invitation of Jack Lang, Organiser of ‘World Theatre' Festival at Nancy)
ROY HART THEATRE with ROY HART performed for three nights during the ‘Saison International’ at Rennes, France.
ROY HART lectured at 6th International Congress of Psychodrama in Zagreb, Yugoslavia
ROY HART recorded 'Aethalgar' for ‘Tycho Films.' A pilot Script (using advanced stereo recording techniques) of a projected 2 hour work.
ROY HART recorded in Paris 'Visit to Godenhall' an opera by Andree Almuro, commissioned by O.R.T.P., Paris.


ROY HART THEATRE performed at British Council Student Centre London.
ROY HART had meeting with lannis Xanakis,' the French (Greek)
January 24
ROY HART THEATRE with ROY HART performed at the Music Festival at Angers, France. ROY HART performed the premiere of a new work written for a trio of Roy Hart, Karlheirz Boettger (guitar) and Michael Vetter (recorder) who also composed the work. Both performances at Angers were recorded by ORTF from Paris, who also produced two one-hour programmes on Roy Hart and ROY HART THEATRE.
ROY HART THEATRE gave three performances of 'The Singer & The Song' [directed by Dorothy Hart] at The Cockpit, the new ILEA theatre. ROY HART gave a series of classes and demonstrations at the Higher School of Dramatic Art in Madrid, arranged in co-operation with the German Institute.
A second series of classes by Roy Hart in Madrid.
A recording of 'Visit to Godenhall' by Andre Almuro, was played at the Avignon Music Festival. ROY HART THEATRE with ROY HART recorded two plays by Christopher Mann, a young Australian playwright.
ROY HART THEATRE performed 'Birth Day’ [directed by Dorothy Hart and Robert Harvey] for three nights at The Cockpit. ROY HART THEATRE and ROY HART gave two performances of ‘Birth Day'
Poster of the production at the MADRID Second International Theatre Festival.

and 'A Song of The Mind' [directed by Vivienne Young and Richard Armstrong] at the 2nd International Theatre Festival of Madrid.

(ROY HART'S performance of Hans Werner Henze's "VERSUCH UBER SCHWEINE" is available on Deutsche Grammophon No. 159 456, in England, Germany, France and U.S.A. This work was performed as an Invitation Concert on Radio Suisse Romande on May 8th 1971 in Lausanne.)


VIENNA; Roy Hart presents "Beschreibungen der Inheren Erfahrungen” composed for him by Meinhart Rudenauer and commissioned by the Austrian Radio,

TOKYO; Roy Hart lectures to the 7th International Congress of Psychodrame.

BORDEAUX; Roy Hart Theatre performs "And" at the Festival of University Theatre.

Fifteen day tour of SPAIN : BARCELONA: MADRID, BILBAO by Roy Hart Theatre with "And".

Roy Hart Theatre and Roy Hart invited to PARIS by Jean-Louis Barrault for the "Journées:du Théâtre des Nations"; the R.H.T. presents."And" and Roy Hart interprets."Biodrame", a work especially written for him by Dr. Serge Behar.

"And" is again presented :to inaugurate a new theatre at COURBEVOIE and in GENEVA at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture.

COLOGNE: Roy Hart works with the jazz pianist George Gruntz on "Plague", a work by Artaud, for the West Deutsche Rundfunk.

PARIS: Roy Hart records, respectively, "A Memorable Fantasy' by William Blake and André Almuro's "Visit to Godenhall", for the O.R.T.F.

BIRMINGHAM: Arts Lab; Roy Hart Theatre gives three performances of "And”

SION: Roy Hart Theatre and Roy Hart perform at the Tibor Varga Festival.

LAUSANNE: Roy Hart interprets "Versuch ûber Schweine".


BARCELONA: Roy Hart Theatre and Roy Hart give a ten-day workshop at the Higher School of Dramatic Art.

TUNIS: R.H.T. and Roy Hart perform at Festival of Tunis.

The O.R.T.F. visit LONDON to film extracts from "Biodrame" and the two latest productions upon which work is in progress, "Mariage de Lux", also by Serge Behar and "Ich Bin" by Paul Pörtner. The transmission of this film is shown on the first channel of French television in May or June 1974, in the series "La Musique et Nous".

LONDON: Cockpit Theatre; Roy Hart Theatre and Roy Hart present extracts from "Biodrame", "Mariage de Lux" and "Ich Bin" - all written specially for the Roy Hart Theatre.

LONDON: Performances of work in progress on "Mariage de Lux", "Biodrame" and Ich Bin" for Dr. Eckhardt and Dr. Heardter of the Berlin Festival.


HAMBURG: Roy Hart and Richard Armstrong (Roy Hart Theatre member) record “The Human Voice" for Nord-Deutscher Rundfunk - the second in a series of three broadcasts with Paul Pörtner. In May 1974 Roy Hart and the Roy Hart Theatre recorded the third part of this series which was called "The Scream, as Art and Therapy".

LONDON: Roy Hart Theatre presents "Mariage de Lux", "Ich Bin" and "Biodrame" at the Open Space.

ZURICH: Presentation of "Mariage de Lux" and "Biodrame" at the Theater Elf (Festival of Europe).


Creation and editing of "l'Economiste" by all the members of Roy Hart Theatre based on the text of Serge Béhar "Café de Flora".

Performances of Roy Hart Theatre in the villages around Malérargues : Anduze, St Jean du Gard, St Hippolyte du Fort, Durfort.

March: AVIGNON Roy Hart Theatre presents excerpts of "l'Economiste" at the Chapelle des Pénitants Blancs.

April: ALES (Gard) "l'Economiste" première au Théâtre Cratère.

April/May: Performances of "l'Economiste" at Albertschweitzerhaus and Kunstlerhaus, VIENNA; Festival Spectrum 75, VILLACH; Stadttheater KLAGENFURT.

May 18: Roy Hart, Dorothy Hart and Vivienne Young die in a car accident on the way to performances in Valencia, Spain.


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