Alfred Wolfsohn and Charlotte Salomon - the unfolding story

Seminar at the Roy Hart Centre

Malerargues, 30140 Thoiras, France

29 June to 1 July 2007













Some of the talks and lectures given during the Seminar:

1: Opening event and introduction by Clara Silber Harris

2: The legacy of Alfred Wolfsohn by Sheila Braggins

3: Charlotte Salomon's art and inspiration by Clara Silber Harris

4: The C.G. Jung Connection by Noah Pikes

5: The transmission of Alfred Wolfsohn's legacy to Roy Hart by Kaya Anderson

6: Marita Gunther's vital role in safe-guarding the Wolfsohn heritage

7: Bitter experiences by Susanne Weins

8: The original publicity material for the event

9: Photos of the event





with illustrations from Samatha Edward's sketch book

(Samantha is in her third year of a BA degree in acting from the University of Central Lancashire and came as a student to the Seminar)

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