Clara Silber Harris

delivering her lecture on

"Charlotte Salomon's

art and inspiration"









Sheila Braggins

delivering her lecture on

the legacy of Alfred Wolfsohn









Paul Silber

providing the "Power Point"

image accompaniment








Sheila Braggins and

Paul Silber getting

the co-ordination of

word and image







Sheila Braggins and

Jay Livernois showing

their recently re-edited

manuscript of AW's


or the Way to a Mask"


L ro R


Rossignol,Barbara Simonsen, Carol Mendelsohn, Susanne Weins, Emanuel,Sharon Feder (from left to right)










Some of the participants

of the Seminar in discussion











Sheila Braggins

saying goodbye

to Kaya Anderson









Sheila, Paul and Clara

at the end of the Seminar








Sheila and Paul saying

goodbye at the end of the














Here are some images of the seminar:

If any of the participants of the seminar have any additional photos they would like to add to these, then please send them to us.




























































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