The Diplodocus went for a midnight plod,
Long before men were made by God
The Diplodocus went for a midnight plod,
To look for the fruit of the moon.
When he saw it growing in the sky
He stretched his head up very high
And his neck got stretched,
But he never fetched beautiful, fruitful moon.
So he started to flail with his stumpy tail
Till it grew and grew to a big lasso
And with every flail he would only fail
To miss that beautiful moon
So he cried and he cried, ‘cause he’d been denied
And with every plod he cursed his God
So he thinked and he thinked, he became extinct
And the sea all froze round his stumpy toes
But his bones remain, if you want to see ‘em
In The London Natural History Museum
For his length and amazing strength
He never quite reached his moon.

Biological Shake

When you feel your life has turned quite meaning less and dead
All you do is worry, worry, worry in your head.
Don’t book a holiday in Timbuctu,
There’s something much more close to hand that you can do.
Just find a friend, who can lend you a hand to understand
That if you want more life, then it will mean more strife,
If you really want to live you will have to giveYourself –
A biological shake, a biological shake, a biological shake, a biological shake,
The words of two of Dorothy Hart's compositions on tracks 3 and 5























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