The words of Jenny's song

by Donald Swann
Words by John Befjeman.

In uniform behold me stand
The lovely lift at my command.
I press the button. Pop.
And down I go below the town.
The walls rise up as I go down
And in the basement stop.
For weeks I've worked a morning shift
On this old Waygood Otis lift
And goodness, don't I love
To press the knob that shuts the gate
When customers are shouting 'Wait!'
And soar to floors above.
I see them from my iron cage
Their faces looking up in rage
And then I call 'First floor!
Perfume and ladies underwear!
No, sir—Up only. Use the stair'
And up again we soar.
The second floor for kiddie goods
And kiddie-pantz and pixie-hoods
And third floor Restaurant
And here the people always try
To find one going down, so I
Am not the lift they want.
On the roof-garden floor alone
1 wait for ages on my own
High, high above the crowds
0 let them rage and let them ring
For I am out of everything
Alone among the clouds.

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Here is what Sheila Braggins had to say about track 14 from her book -

"Alfred Wolfsohn, The Diary of Events 1896 - 1962"

"On 13th November 1956 Jenny performed 'The Lift', a song composed by Donald Swann, at 'The Hofnung Music Festival Concert' at the Festival Hall. After the festival a record was made of the performances, but unfortunately Jenny was omitted from it as Awe advised her to ask for a fee or to refuse to have her song used. There was no money available for any of the artists' fees. I feel this may have been a great mistake on his part, as it would have brought more publicity and raised Jenny's profile. We shall never know what a difference it might have made. However, there was a very complimentary article about her in the December issue of The Gramophone".

The words of Jenny's song





























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