Note from the Editor

I should say something about the contents of this new disc. It is certainly the longest of the discs at 67 minutes and it is probably also the best! This is due to the fact that the title enabled me to have a greater choice of material.
Dorothy was, of course, Roy's wife. They were married for twenty years before they died together in 1975. Much of the work that you can hear on this disc was her own writing. She was also an extraordinary musician and composer. Her voice! well, you will hear it for yourself. I have included the words of two of Dorothy's songs, since the combination of a rather old recording and the extent of the vocal range the she uses, could render some of the words hard for you to decipher.
Marita Gunther and Kaya Anderson were both students of Alfred Wolfsohn and later, after his death, went on to become two of Roy Hart's first pupils. It is of particular interest that in the middle of Kaya's rendition of ‘The Traveller’ Roy suggests that she "uses a tenor sound" for one of the characters. Kaya agreed to include Roy's advice in the editing of her recording. Kaya continues to teach the voice work through out Europe, but mainly in Italy, where she is greatly loved by her many pupils there.
Jenny and Jill Johnson were sisters who studied under Alfred Wolfsohn and who had already left the work after Alfred's death when I arrived to work with Roy Hart in 1963. In working on the archives over these last years, notably on "The Human Voice" and even more so on "Alfred Wolfsohn - his musical ideas", it has come to my notice that their voices were exceptional, both in range and in quality of expression. It is not surprising therefore that they were two of Alfred's leading students. Jenny's rendition of the "Lift Girl" song shows her vocal capacity clearly. The song was specially written for her voice by Donald Flanders at a time when singing was far more classically inclined than it is today, hence the degree of astonished response from the public attending that live BBC performance.
Clara Silber Harris, Anna Allen and Vivienne Young were all students who worked with Roy Hart for a number of years before his death. Clara continues to teach the voice work, mainly at the Centre of the voice here in France. She has a large local following of French fans who admire her work as a theatre director.
I would like to take this opportunity to give a special 'thank you' to Clara Silber Harris, my wife, who not only agreed to record all the introductions to the tracks in this disc but who has also so consistently helped me through the many difficult editing decisions that have had to be made while doing the work, not only on this disc, but also on the other 12 discs that we have edited together.

Paul Silber, Malérargues, 2007


This is what one of the RHT students has to say about this new disc

"I just want to thank you again for this CD! I am sure this will be a bestseller. The recordings will give some very inspiring impressions especially to a lot of female Roy Hart students! It also gives an insight in the work you did in the RHT and in the changes between the time of AWE and of Roy. It was a big step from a very impressing "classical" singing to a more theatrical approach in which the psychic process you went through became part of the artistic presentations. This is for me still one of the most important qualities of Dorothy´s artistic work. She was brave enough not to be too sovereign on stage and she obviously could encourage others to do the same, as one can hear on this CD."
























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