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Website: continues to grow. New sections are constantly added and new connections to established websites are made where ever possible.
See also the page of photos at :

Video clips:
“Introduction to Voice Workshops at Malérargues”: an eight minute clip on youtube was made in September 2009. It features on the home page of the Centre’s website and has been visited over 2000 times.

New CDs:
“Description of an Inner Experience”: Roy Hart sings Meinhard Rudenauer’s composition.

“Aethelgar” Roy Hart sings on a multi track recording followed by excerpts from Roy Hart Theatre’s “Masque and Portrait” by Christopher Mann.

Presentations for students:
Many sessions of information to students as introductions to Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart’s work as well as special times with degree and doctorate students.
“Roy Hart: his voice” a multimedia presentation, was created for the symposium of July ’10.

Several readings of “Charlotte Salomon’s time of fulfilment” – a monologue written and presented by Clara

Paul’s concert with Andrew Peggie was offered at the sous-prefet’s musical evening in March 2010 . (See picture above)

“The Roy Hart Theatre – then and now” for the "Languedoc Sun", a magazine for British ex-pats.

Local Maquis/Résistance:
“Robert Le Noir” was shown to a full house in Corbès May 2010.
Les anciens du Maquis and their families came for a picnic lunch after their commemorative ceremony for the Battaille de Cornelly (1943) on 13th June 2010.

La Mémoire: continues to develop - and sadly, because of the departure of several members, new dossiers are being created.

Help is always gratefully received to continue this grounding work.



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