An e-book (fiction) written by Paul Silber and Clara Harris


How can I write in a few hundred words about this book, which is the outcome of a life's work? When I was five; I was practically dyslexic. Why? Because of pressures about me at that time. When I was 25, I met a man called Roy Hart. He believed, as I later came to believe, that through recontacting the essential self using the unrestricted voice, that all wounds could be healed. In this belief justified? Well, if you read my book, it should tell you something, it certainly was not written by a dyslexic. It should, if you are discerning, tell you something about me, and perhaps even about Roy Hart.

It was in my profound wish that the world should know something about the existence of this unusual man, Roy Hart, that after his death, when I was 36, I started to try and write. After many abortive attempts, I realized that the key lay not in biography but in the medium that Roy, himself, loved so much - the fairy story. Only here could the essential spirit be revealed because, for the most part, the world has not yet learnt how to interpret so called reality. During these many years with Roy, my improved sense of what the naked voice means has led me to an increased appreciation of some primal words and their value in the life process. By consequence, it is the internal world that is high lighted in my book, that world, which is normally reserved for the realm of dreams.

So far, I have said nothing of my dear friend, Clara, who has helped me so greatly in the creation of this book. Without her presence in my life, now that I am in my mid 60s, all that side of singing that encourages the growth of my own femininity and an increased capacity for relationship, would count for nothing.

Symbology, which at its deepest touches all of us, is there to resonate ancient memories, some known only from another life. I hope the contents of my book will help each of us to retrace the original song, that is somewhere deep in all of us and must still exist.

Paul Silber member of the Roy Hart Theatre

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