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This audio CD is one of only two that exists that were recorded under Alfred Wolfsohn's direct control, the other one is "Alfred Wolfsohn - his musical ideas" Originally recorded on magnetic tape in 1960 it is a first rate example of his work as he had developed it at that time. His pupils include Roy Hart (his successor) and of course the Johnson sisters, Jenny and Jill, amongst others.



"The Human Voice" by Alfred Wolfsohn

Alfred Wolfsohn presents his research work on the voice

introduced by his life long friend and student Marita Gunther - (in English only)

with vocal demonstrations by his students (No words/sounds only)

On this CD, the original German words are present and are also spoken in their full English translation by Paul Silber.

Alfred Wolfsohn's original German only version exists in an other audio disc called "Die menschliche Stimme"

this version is not translated into English.
























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