Paul performing in the filming of "Theatre of Being" 1969



Paul and Clara performing their play "Marguerite and Faust", Switzerland 1985

Rehearsal photo of "Mariage du Lux"click on the thumb nail and it will take you to collection of these photo


Paul recording his disc"Heartfully yours..." 2001


Paul singing his 2006 concert at Malerargues

Paul at his concert in Köln


Images of Paul Silber



Paul as a young West End actor


Paul (Centre) in "L'Economiste" St Jean du Gard, 1975


Paul shaving whilst on holiday with the theatre, Krk 1971


Paul in his 2003 Malerargues concert


Paul singing his concert at The Loft, Köln Germany 2004


Paul with his accompagnist Jonathan Hart

for his 2006 concert at Malerargues


Paul recording his disc with Bernd in Köln


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